How would you get socks from people who don't have a sock fetish?

I’m no expert on this but I feel like you can go down two paths. You can either go the grimey route or the brave route. The grimey route would be to go hang out with a dude and steal his socks. Either in the looker room or at his place. But this could be dicey.
The brave route would be to meet a guy and tell him you’re into socks and if it would be cool to have a pair. Ballsy, I know, but I know some people who have done this. If anyone has any suggestions reply to this and let me know!

Is there a pair of socks you've never owned that you want to get your hands on?

Hm this is a hard one. It’s ironic because of the whole elite debacle of 2014 (lol,) but I would love to have some of those elite no shows. They look really hot on boundsox and socktop. Otherwise, I’d just want a pair of socks from everyone I follow haha. I don’t have those yet! ;)